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There are many activities one can enjoy at "the color valley" such as fishing, scuba diving, climbing, trekking, wind-surfing, kayaking, or one can even enjoy an excursion in nature.

Maridati, or else "the color valley", is one of the few places left that still belongs to nature. And nature, having its own sacred rules, embraces those who stand in front of it with respect and humbleness. For those in search of spirit, for the admirers of the ancient Greek civilization, and for those that life's mysteries are the keystone in their course of life, "the color valley" remains here, within this world, but so far away from it! For anyone interested here is the right place for Meditation, Harmonization, bio-energy "Reiki", Tai chi.

Enjoy the blue crystal water and eastern Cretan coasts with a kayak! Go www.sitiaguide.gr/kayak !

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