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Our dream...
The dream came true for Manolis who has chosen to live in Maridati from 1992.
He remembers this valley since he was a child. A valley flooded with the colors of flowers, which through the years has sustained the quality and the respect to the natural flow of the matters, away from the vanity of human interferences. Maridati is Manolis' personal "shelter" where he shares with the visitors what he was given. He shares with the visitors what he has chosen, offering them distinguished food, exceptional music, a smile and the purity of his soul. Manolis, being himself a master and a teacher of wind-surfing, and an adventurous traveler who has traveled the world, has ended up philosophizing about life in Maridati (a place he himself has named "the color valley")

Eleni Perinou lives in Maridati since June 2004. She is authoress, songwriter and psychotherapist. On Summer time, she plays wonderful Greek "live music", twice a week in taverna Maridati. On winter time she teaches guitar to children. Music, writing, "Reiki therapy", meditation, are her favorites activities.

Titles of Eleni's books
(Dioptra Publisher)

Eleni on "live Maridati"

"I'm like you"

"it seems just like I know you"



cd "pergamini"

cd "live maridatis"

lessons of guitar


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